PiraBase Key Facts

PiraBase is an abstracts database covering published literature relating to packaging and printing. Historically there are also many abstracts relating to the paper industry.

Facts and figures

  • More than 750,000 records dating back as far as 1972
  • This equates to approx. 2.5 million pages of original, published, literature
  • Approximately 6,000 new records added every year
  • Produced by our large team of specialist abstractors who have been working with us for many years
  • Easy-to-use search interface

Source material

PiraBase contains information sourced from many hundreds of journals, complemented by a wide selection of conference papers, books, reports, press releases, company literature, data sheets and directories. Over the years journal titles have come and gone, but our team is currently selecting our core content from around 250 titles and are actively reviewing more than 900 further titles with related remits for relevant content for this database.

Subject Coverage

All aspects of the science, technology and business of printing and packaging are covered for the industries that produce and use them.

Technology: Design; Machinery and Equipment; Processing; Intermediate & Semi-finished Products; Bulk and Retail Containers; Labelling; Security; End-user products.

Business: Commercial Information; Health and Safety; Legislation; Environmental Issues; Markets and Statistics; Trade Names; Product Announcements; Branding.

Should you know of further material that may be of interest to PiraBase then please contact our helpdesk.

How can I access it?

You can access PiraBase right here on our own platform, or you can access it via a number of host organisations: